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Hi there! Welcome to Touchwood Deals. Our story began when we tried to find answer to why people are reluctant to buy furniture online. First we thought it was due to the high value of furniture but then high valued electronic products sell really well in online stores. So after further research we found the major reasons were price, customer service and touch & feel of Furniture. Most people thought they would get a better deal by visiting a furniture store than from buying online. Others were concerned about after sale support, on whom they could approach in case of any issues. Another reason is people want to get the touch and feel of the furniture. They want to physically see and use the furniture.

Touchwood Deals was created to address these issues and give users the best furniture shopping experience. So here at we showcase the best deals and guarantees you the best price. We also aims to provide the best customer service and resolving any issue you might face. The need for touch & feel of a furniture is an issue which cannot be fully resolved with online stores but we aim to address it by showcasing most of our products at our retail showroom – Touchwood Furniture, Calicut – to help you make the best decision.

We are still at the early stage of our journey and it would be really helpful if you could give us feedback to our site to help us improve and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.



To provide the best furniture shopping experience, delivering quality furniture at an affordable price.


At Touchwood Deals, we are passionate about quality and shopping experience. We pride in our easy and hassle free shopping experience and customer support.


We are joint venture from Cozy Sofas and Touchwood Furniture, one of the leading Furniture retail store in Calicut

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